P.A. of W. Inc. Broadcast
Bishop Theodore L. Brooks, Sr.
Website: P.A. of W. Inc.
Broadcast Time(s):
Thursday’s – 11:30 AM Eastern
Rock Church Broadcast
Dr.Leonard Scott
Website: The Rock Church
Broadcast Time(s):
Thursday’s – 7:00 PM Eastern
Tabernacle of Praise Broadcast
Bishop Eric D. Garnes
Website: www.https://topcathedral.org
Broadcast Time(s):
Friday’s – 6:00 PM Eastern
Amazing Grace Broadcast
Bishop Charles H. Ellis, III
Website: greatergrace.org

Broadcast Time(s):

Saturday’s 10:00 AM Eastern
Say Yes Broadcast
Bishop Donald Hilliard, Jr.
Website: donaldhilliardjr.org
Broadcast Time(s):
Sunday’s 5:00 PM Eastern
Friday Fire Broadcast
Bishop Don W. Shelby, Jr.
Website: Burning Bush Int’l Ministries
Broadcast Time(s):
Friday’s – 7:00 PM Eastern
Consecrate Chronicles Show
Coach Iesha Neal
Website: Coach Iesha Neal
Broadcast Time(s):
Friday’s – 3:00 PM Eastern
Sound The Bells Broadcast
Pastor Leon & Lady Tomika Bell
Website: Leon Bell Facebook Page
Broadcast Time(s):
Sunday’s – 3:00 PM Eastern
Everybody Is Somebody Broadcast
Pastor Zack Johnson
Website: Midway Missionary Baptist Church
Broadcast Time(s):
Saturday’s – 8:00 PM Eastern
Kingdom Conversations Broadcast
Minister William Harrison
Website: Minister William Harrison
Broadcast Time(s):
Sunday’s – 8:00 PM Eastern
Living The PurposeBroadcast
Apostle Kimberly Harrison
Website: Apostle Kimberly Harrison
Broadcast Time(s):
Saturday’s – 7:00 PM Eastern
Covenant Community Broadcast
Pastor Columbus & Lady LaShawn Gray
Website: Pastor Columbus & LaShawn Gray
Broadcast Time(s):
Thursday’s – 8:00 PM Eastern
Walking In The Spirit Broadcast
Bishop-Elect Gabriel Austin
Website: http://www.mopcf.org
Broadcast Time(s):
Thursday’s – 5:00 PM Eastern
Holy Love Outreach Broadcast
Pastor Matthew McKie
Website: Pastor Matthew McKie
Broadcast Time(s):
Thurday’s 6:00 PM Eastern
Jesus First Broadcast
Bishop Joseph Friday
Website: Bishop Jospeh Friday
Broadcast Time(s):
Sunday’s 4:00 PM Eastern
Monday Night Manna Broadcast
Bishop Samuel McGill III
Website: McGill Ministries
Broadcast Time(s):
Monday’s – 7:00 PM Eastern
Walking In Favor Broadcast
Pastor Robert M. Dix, Jr.
Website: http://robertmdixjrministries.org
Broadcast Time(s):
Sunday – 6:00 PM Eastern
Morning Show with The Bishop
Bishop Samuel McGill III
Website: www.allnationsradio.net
Broadcast Time(s):
Tuesday-Friday – 9:00 AM Eastern
Empowered To Change Broadcast
Dr. Jacquie Hadnot
Website: www.jacquiehadnot.com
Broadcast Time(s):
Saturday’s – 2:00 PM Eastern
Voice of Refuge Broadcast
Pastor Anthony & Co-Pastor Rita Wilson
Website: www.refugews.org
Broadcast Time(s):
Saturday’s – 11:30 AM Eastern
From Pain To Power Broadcast
Bishop Samuel McGill III
Website: www.mcgillministries.org
Broadcast Time(s):
Saturday’s – 1:00 PM Eastern
The Voice of Deliverance
Bishop James E. Wiley, Jr.
Website: Bishop James E. Wiley, Jr.
Broadcast Time(s):
Sat. – 4:00 PM Eastern
Lens of Faith Speaks
Chaundra Gore
Website: www.lensoffaith.org
Broadcast Time(s):
Sat. – 5:00 PM Eastern
The Buziness Behind The Business
Rasheda Jackson
Website: www.iamrasheda.com
Broadcast Time(s):
Fri, – 5:00 PM Eastern
Blue Flame Moment Radio Show
Clareta Haddon-Jackson
Website: https://www.claretamusic.com
Broadcast Time(s):
Friday’s  8:00 PM Eastern
All Nations Gospel Hip Hop Praise Mix
DJ Soul
Website: www.allnationsradio.net
Broadcast Time(s):
Monday-Friday  4:00 PM Eastern
The Bobby Parker Radio Show
Mr. Bobby Parker
Facebook: Bobby Parker
Broadcast Time(s):
Saturday’s 9:00 PM Eastern
Sharlene Hendley Ministries Broadcast
Rev. Sharlene Hendley
Facebook: Sherlene Hendley
Broadcast Time(s):
Monday’s – 3:00 PM Eastern
The Big Brother CJ Show
CJ Jones
Website: bigbrothercj.com
Broadcast Time(s):
Sunday – Friday – 10:00 PM Eastern
The Sound of Power Broadcast
Elder Belinda Farrington
Website: propheticintercessorsnetwork.org
Broadcast Time(s):
Friday’s – 12:00 PM Eastern
The Christian View Radio Show

Website: https://thechristianview.tv
Broadcast Time(s):
Tuesday’s. – 2:00 PM Eastern
The New Artist Profile
with Tony D
Website: www.thenewartistprofile.com
Broadcast Time(s):
Wednesday’s. – 7:00 PM Eastern
The Darryl Taliaferro Show
Darryl Taliaferro
Website: darryltaliaferro.org
Broadcast Time(s):
Wednesday’s  3:00 PM Eastern
Untold Chronicles Broadcast
Dr. Nia Gee
Website: http://www.iamjustnia.com
Broadcast Time(s):
Tues. – 6:30 PM Eastern
Singleness 2.0 Broadcast
Julie Jazz
Website: Julie Jazz
Broadcast Time(s):
Fri. – 2:00 PM Eastern
Beauty For Ashes Broadcast
Lady Irisd Logan
Website: Lady Iris Logan
Broadcast Time(s):
Sun. – 2:00 PM Eastern